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eBay Shop increases Easibathe's online presence

4 July 2014

Over the past 18 months, Easibathe has created and increased their online presence via the creation of an “eBay Shop”. This has been a great addition to the sales strategy, increasing professional appearance, online credibility and exposing Easibathe to a huge online shopping population.

Easibathe’s eBay shop has a huge offering with new products being listed every week at very reasonable prices. It is a full e-commerce solution in the middle of millions of shoppers with search engines constantly driving traffic to Easibathe’s eBay products. The sales opportunities for our business are endless.

If you require further information on our online offerings, please do not hesitate contact us either via eBay or by calling us on freephone 0800 3217430. For a full list of products currently listed on eBay, visit our eBay shop or visit our website at





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