Changing Places

After working on a number of Changing Places toilets, including installations at The Newcastle City Library and The Newcastle Museum of Science and Engineering, we are offering our support towards the national campaign.

'Changing Places Changing Lives' is calling for Changing Places toilets which include a hoist, changing bench and plenty of space to be installed in big public places throughout the UK.

Standard accessible toilets do not meet the needs of many thousands of disabled people in the UK. Without Changing Places toilets, carers are ofter forced to change severly disabled family members on a dirty toilet floor. This is dangerous, unhygenic and undignified. However the alternative is to limit outings to a couple of hours or not to go out at all.

Changing Places toilets are needed by people with profound and multiple learning disabilities, and others who have a disability or condition that means they need personal support to manage their continence. This includes people who have had severe strokes and people with muscular dystrophy. The Changing Places campaign - which is being run by a group of organisations - want Changing Places toilets to be installed in all big public places, includingcity centres, shopping centres, arts venues, hospitals, motorway services, leisure complexes, large railway stations and airports.