Electric showers take water from the mains cold water supply. They heat the water when you turn the shower on, passing it over a heating element inside the shower. When showering, you do not use up stored hot water so electric showers are ideal for households where there is a limited supply of hot water.

Mixer showers take water from both hot and cold water supplies. They mix the water to reach the desired temperature and generally flow faster than electric showers.

When gravity is not achievable a shower pump is required to pump away the waste water.

There are a variety of pump options available to suit the shower being installed. Digitally linked showers automatically start and adjust the pump speed in relation to the flow rate of the shower. Non digital showers reply on the presence of a flow switch to operate the shower pump.




Triton shower range

Electric Showers:
2900:Triton Safeguard T100 Care 8.5kw Standard
2901:Triton Safeguard T100 Care 9.5kw Standard
2902:Triton Safeguard Care Digilink WP 8.5kw Digital
2903:Triton Safeguard Care Digilink WP 9.5kw Digital

Redring selectronic shower range

The slectronic and selectronic plus are the most technologically advanced instantaneous showers available today. The Redring range of showers are also endorsed by the RNIB.

Electric Showers:
2914:Redring Selectronic Premier Plus 8.5kw Standard
2915:Redring Selectronic Premier Plus 9.5kw Standard
2916:Redring Selectronic Premier Plus WP 8.5kw Digital
2917:Redring Selectronic Premier Plus WP 9.5kw Digital

Mira shower range

Designed for ease of use, Mira showers offer precise thermostatically controlled showering. Options to suit gravity and pumped wastes. The Flex range of showers has gained RNIB approval for its use of contrasting colours and audiable bleeps to aid navigation.

Electric Showers:
2921:Mira Advance ATL Flex 9.0kw Standard
2922:Mira Advance ATL Flex 9.8kw Standard
2923:Mira Advance ATL Flex Extra WP 9.0kw Digital
3018:Mira shower extended rail and hose kit
Mixer Showers:
2906:Mira Excel kit (surface mounted)
2907:Mira Excel kit (built in)
29131:Mira Select Flex Thermostatic Mixer EV
3018:Mira shower extended rail and hose kit 2m