Sanitary ware

We carry a range of stylish and practical sanitaryware and taps, which have been designed to compliment any bathroom installation.


44232 Cherwell close coupled cistern

4417 Low level high pan


4073 Alterna low level cistern

Alterna low level cistern with lever flush

4204 Celeste plus toilet seat

Celeste plus toilet seat and cover pads with stainless steel hinges.

4408 Alterna Low level pan


4208 Celeste plus seat only

Celeste plus seat only, no lid, with stainless steel hinges.

Toilet plinths

Toilet plinths are an ideal way to raise toilet pans to suit individual user needs. Manufactured from GRP and available in white only.

Height:50mm or 75mm or 100mm
Width:210mm or 220mm
Length:385mm or 385mm