Flooring and wall boards

Our range of wall and floor coverings offer hygenic, hardwearing aesthetically pleasing finishes to any bathroom.


When installing a wet room it is essential that appropriate specialist floor coverings are used to ensure that the floor remains slip resistant when wet. Available in a variety of styles, slip resistant safety flooring is a modern solution ensuring high standards of safety and hygiene. A seamless finish to your floor area will be achieved when used in conjunction with Easitrim and your choice of wall boards or tiles.

Wall Boards

Wall boards offer a fresh and modern look to a shower enclosure or bathroom. Available in a wide range of styles and textures with complementary profiles and trims, wall board installations are stylish, hygienic and aesthetically pleasing.




Easitrim is a 2-piece pre-formed floor to wall profile which provides a seamless modern finish between floor and wall coverings. Designed to be used in conjunction with wall boards or wall tiles, Easitrim is very easy to handle and extremely simple to install. By employing the use of Easitrim, installers save time and money. Once the wet floor slab is installed, the main skirt of the Easitrim can be secured into position. Your choice of wall covering is then attached to the wall and inserted in to the top of the Easitrim skirt. Cove former is then laid between the floor and the Easitrim skirt, followed by your choice of specialist flooring. Once the flooring is tightly secured up to the Easitrim extrusion lip, the Easitrim T piece is inserted and your Easitrim installation is complete. For a step by step guide on how to create a wetroom using, locking wallboards, wet floor slab, slip resistant flooring and Easitrim, see our installation video


5080:Easitrim skirt white 2m c/w antibac
5081:Easitrim T piece white 2m c/w antibac