Drainage Products

Gravity drainage is not always an option when carrying out a shower installation and the Whale shower pumps are a proven solution for waste water removal. The Whale pump range has been designed to perform in a variety of shower installations, from shower cubicles to wet floors.

Why choose Whale?

  • Robust performance
  • Hair, gels, grit and other shower waste pass through the pump without blocking
  • Maintenance free
  • No pump filter is required therefore no internal cleaning is
  • necessary
  • Practical design
  • Valves integral to the pump prevent odours escaping into the bathroom from the waste pipe
  • Reliable performance
  • Proven reliability with quiet performance


2703 Standard Whale pump kits

This is an automatic pump kit which operates using a flow switch. Once the flow switch detects the flow of water from the shower, the pump begins to operate. This pump suits both shower tray and wet floor installations. For mixer shower installations an additional flow switch is required.

Standard Whale pump Kit contains:Pump, Transformer, Flow Switch, Shallow Waste and Pump Cover. Also contains rubber reducers and fittings for flow switch (15mm pipe in 22mm pipe out).

2723 Digital Whale pump kits

This is an automatic pump kit that eliminates the need for a flow switch by linking directly to the shower control. Once the shower is running it sends a digital signal to the pump so it can operate at the correct speed. Designed to work in conjunction with a variety of digital showers, this pump suits both shower tray and wet floor installations.?

Digital Whale pump kit contains:Pump, Transformer, Shallow Waste and Pump Cover.

2849 Shallow waste kit

Shallow waste kit compatible with all shower trays. Designed to be used with standard and digital pump kits.

Shallow waste:40mm in depth

2803 Waste trap

McAlpine STW2 waste trap.

Straight outlet:50mm seal

2713 Wet floor pump gully

Wet floor pump gully. Available as an option if an extra shallow gully is needed.

2705 Pump service kit

Pump service kit contains:

Inlet valve and plate, outlet valve and plate, diaphragm, screws and nuts.

2704 Flow switch

Flow switch to suit standard shower pump.

2716 Pump only

Pump only, for use in standard or digital pump installations. 15mm pipe inlet, 22mm pipe outlet.

Pipe inlet:

15mm Pipe outlet

2728 Automatic transformer

26991/1 Pump cover

PVC pump top cover.